4D Ecography

4D ultrasounds consist of obtaining 4D images per second, which makes it possible to visualize the baby in real time and in movement. This type of ultrasound is very visual because it is an ideal
choice for sidewalks to your baby before he is born. The best 4D ultrasounds are obtained between 24 and 30 weeks of pregnancy. The proportion of amniotic fluid and the intermediate size of the baby allow for better visualization.

However, excellent images of the baby can be obtained at any time after 22 weeks of pregnancy. Many mothers request more than one 4D ultrasound to enjoy their second and third trimesters. Ultrasounds are a routine part of every pregnancy today. 3D / 4D ultrasound scans are exactly the
same type and intensity as conventional 2D scans, meaning they do not cause any harm to the fetus and are recommended at any time.

An ultrasound scan is a test that is performed with ultrasound. Ultrasounds are a non-invasive imaging technique that allows you to see inside the human body. A 3D ultrasound is a fixed, voluminous image of the fetus, that is, in three dimensions (3D). A 4D ultrasound is a 3D ultrasound with movement, i.e. a video. The main difference with conventional (2D) ultrasounds is
the technology used, since it allows the baby to be seen in 3D, i.e. with volume and in motion.