For a few years now, with the increase in the number of people who practice sport and who do not want to stop because of a discomfort or small injury. The use of sports bandages to limit, control or cancel movements as well as to reduce inflammation of muscular structures has proliferated exponentially. At our clinic we have the means and the knowledge to be able to practice both sports bandages and functional neuromuscular bandages that will help you in your daily sports practice.

The therapeutic effect of the Neuromuscular Bandage is achieved through the contact of the bandage or elastic cotton tape with the skin, respecting a series of application principles such as the state of the skin, the length, the anchors, the direction or the tension that can be applied according to the objective we want to achieve. The intention of the plaster is to increase the subcutaneous space, improving circulation, and stimulating different receptors of the skin and other tissues.

The main actions of the Neuromuscular Bandage are: analgesic and sedative action, circulatory action improving blood and lymphatic circulation, exteroceptive action according to the placement of the vein when the patient tends to reproduce the injured mechanism and biomechanical and neuroreflexic action.

Sports Bandages in Soriano Clinic