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 With the pace of life we lead and because of our work, due to genetic factors or poor footwear, anyone could suffer a plantar fasciitis, a talalgia, back pain or any other disase. A good diagnosis through a biomechanical study of the blade can prevent and
treat with supports plantar existing pathologies and prevent pathologies in a possible future. In addition, with Plantar orthosis we can help unload these feet that, as a result of working days standing for many hours, accumulate fatigue and pain.

There are so many and so varied types of Plantar orthosis available today, that it is not surprising that many people use the wrong ones or inadequate according to their pathologies. Especially those who spend many hours walking or those who practise sport in the professional field. They really know the consequences of sore and completely exhausted feet.

Foot fatigue orthosis are not very specific, because they cover different issues. Among the pathologies and discomforts that improve are the following ones:

Hyperkeratosis. This strange term refers to the common and annoying calluses, hardness and traumatic papillomas.

Painful or piercing marks. When you have a painful scar or suffer from a diabetic foot, it is very common for foot fatigue orthosis to be responsible for relieving pain.

Metatarsophalangeal osteoarticular pain. This category includes various pathologies such as stress fractures, 2nd radius instability syndrome or Hallus Rigidus.

Metatarsal overload problems. In any case, when the metatarsal area needs to lose some of the pressure it receives, these plantar orthosis will be most effective.