Minimally invasive surgery

The Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology Service of Clínica Soriano has experience in pathology
of the locomotive system. It is a powerful and complete service guaranteed by the application of advanced techniques and excellent results in its surgeries, treatments and consultations. 

From the service we carry out an integral treatment of the musculoskeletal problems of the patients, making a multidisciplinary approach. We intervene in each case with the aim of achieving personalized attention: rehabilitation doctors, internists, geriatricians, anesthesiologists, physiotherapists and specialized nurses, a complete team with which we achieve successful results case by case in all types of orthopedic and traumatic pathologies, even in the most complex.

We offer a service at the highest level, making available to patients the latest techniques in surgery in specific functional areas, allowing us to increase the quality of care provided. These units specifically address pathologies related to the Hand, Spine, Knee, Hip, Foot, Ankle, Shoulder and Elbow.

We constantly update our medical-surgical techniques, selecting the most effective techniques in Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology available based on scientific evidence. Thanks to these technical advances it is possible to offer a better and more comfortable recovery of the patient. We offer different techniques for the surgical treatment of the different pathologies of the locomotive system, among which we highlight.

Minimally invasive surgery, thanks to microsurgical techniques, herniated discs or canal stenosis can be treated very effectively and without the need for the patient to remain in hospital after the

Computer-assisted surgery, Since 2016, the Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology Service has been using the latest generation navigation system to help achieve the best possible result in knee prostheses, allowing greater accuracy in the placement of components and reducing operating time.

To promote the recovery of the patient in the shortest time possible, we always opt for a surgery with the smallest incision that allows us to perform the surgery with guarantees and aesthetic scars.