Podiatric Surgery

Treatment of foot pathologies and deformities with surgery.

The field of Podiatric Surgery covers a wide range of pathologies and deformities, from the most basic surgeries such as those performed on the nails to the most complex such as rheumatic diseases or flat feet.

The health specialist who has a specific preparation in all these types of pathologies that affect the foot, is the podiatrist. He will be in charge of the diagnosis and global treatment of the foot, being able to attend any pathology of the foot.

The foot is a vital part of our body, which if at any time one of its areas were to suffer an injury, it could affect even the rest of the limb and aggravate the problems. At CLÍNICAS SORIANO we have a select group of professionals, trained and with ample experience carrying out all types of foot surgery, such as bunion surgery (Hallux Valgus) and calcaneal spur treatments. At present, we have the necessary infrastructure and state-of-the-art diagnostic systems, which make it possible to carry out studies of the highest quality and obtain guaranteed results.

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Your Podiatric Surgery Specialists

Francesc Soriano

nº collegiate 2477

  • Diploma in podiatry from the University of Extremadura in Plasencia in 2004.
  • Member of the AECP since 2005
  • Master in Surgical Surgery from the U.B. 2008
  • Forefoot surgery course in the US at the Podiatry Institute in Atlanta in 2009.
  • Surgical residence in East Valley foot and ankle surgery Arizona USA 2011.
  • Rearfoot surgery course Podriadry Institute of Atlanta USA 2018.
  • Member of the NGO Podiatry Without Borders.
  • Podiatry master director UCV

Arcadi Soriano

nº collegiate 2199

  • Graduated in podiatry from the University of Galicia in Ferrol in 2002. He has always been involved in orthopedics and the treatment of pediatric pathology and the foot of the rich (diabetic foot).
  • Master’s degree in orthopedics from the University of Barcelona in 2002.
  • Postgraduate in Pathology in Children from the Miguel Hernández University of Alicante.
  • He has completed several training courses on the ICOPCV's risk foot.
  • Member of the governing board of the College of Podiatrists of Valencia, with a candidacy as president.
  • Foot infiltration course and digital surgical techniques. ILOPCV 2019


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