Shock Waves

Shockwave therapy resolves conditions that might otherwise require surgery such as heel spurs or calcifications on the tendon without the need for pain medication. This makes it an ideal therapy to accelerate recovery and cure various pathologies that cause acute or chronic pain. It consists of an acoustic wave that carries a lot of energy in the painful points and musculoskeletal tissues with subacute, subchronic and chronic conditions. These waves produce an energy that stimulates the regeneration and reparative processes of tendons, muscles and other soft tissues, and can even dissolve calcifications, in addition to relieving pain and chronic inflammation.

We can say that they are part of the physical treatments that give the best results in the treatment of chronic pathologies such as tendinitis, thalalgias and plantar fasciitis, which are no longer in an acute phase, but in a chronic phase and do not respond well to infiltrations. The shock waves, undo the fibrosis and adhesions of chronic injuries, promoting a new healing process.