Sports diseases

Sports Surgery is a specialty that must respond to the demands of medical results and time. That is to say, it aims at obtaining a fast and satisfactory recovery. The athlete must of course resume training and sports competition as soon as possible. The functional result must, in addition to being excellent, be achieved in a short period of time. The athlete’s recovery will be quick, so that he will not lose his sporting level prior to any type of joint or bone trauma to the upper limbs. Sports surgery has been revolutionized with the advent of arthroscopy. The latter uses a micro-camera to avoid the large scars left by open surgery. Although arthroscopic surgery is practiced by surgeons specialized in sports surgery, it is not only devoted to the treatment of sports pathologies, but also participates in the treatment of numerous other degenerative pathologies (of wear and tear).

The pathologies treated in sports surgery correspond essentially to traumatic pathologies: direct traumatisms during sports practice or as a consequence of previous sports traumas. Thus, a specialized emergency service, qualified in traumatology, allowing a precise traumatic diagnosis, is an indispensable prerequisite in the treatment of sports pathologies and traumas.

Arthroscopic surgery techniques allow for accelerated convalescence and are perfectly adapted to the problems of sports surgery. Sports arthroscopy surgery is recognized as much for its noninvasive nature as for the visual control and precision indispensable in all surgical acts. In sports surgery, arthroscopy has developed particularly in knee trauma. Most of the surgeries of the lower limb are recognized by their development in the repairs of the ligaments with arthroscopic assistance.

Today’s sportsmen and women do not understand age, which is why we offer a wide range of solutions with arthroscopic surgery with small incisions, less post-operative pain, shorter hospital stays and aesthetically unappealing scars that allow you to return to your physical activity in the shortest possible time.