Surgical and medical vision of urinary tract diseases

Urology has as anatomical field of action the kidney and its adjacent structures, urinary tract and male genital tract, addressing the dysfunctions of the following organs and structures: adrenal gland, kidney (morphological aspects and obstructive alterations), retroperitoneum and lumbar region, ureter, bladder, prostate, seminal tract, urethra, pelvic floor structures, penis, scrotum, testicle, and epididymis. The treatment of the corresponding diseases can be medical, with the use of all kinds of drugs, and surgical, including open interventions, laparoscopy, endoscopy and radiological methods. Urology is a medical-surgical specialty that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of renal morphological diseases and those of the urinary tract and retroperitoneum that affect both sexes; as well as diseases of the male genital tract, with no age limit.

The main urological diseases are tumors (benign and cancerous) and traumas of each of the aforementioned organs, urinary tract infection, lithiasis (stone or stone formation), stenosis (narrowing of the urinary tract), kidney malformations and the route, urinary incontinence and other urinary disorders, prostate problems erectile dysfunction, infertility as well as other male genital problems and certain female pelvic floor problems.

The urologist knows precisely the anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, etiology, clinical expression, nosology, diagnostic recognition methods, therapeutic, medical and surgical procedures, of the organs, devices and systems described above, within the scientific, medical field. and legal of the specialty of Urology.

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  • Llicenciat en medicina per la universitat de València en 2007.
  • Màster en metodologia de la investigació per la universiat autònoma de Barcelona en 2013.
  • Especialitzat d'urologia a l'hospital general universitari de Castelló entre els anys 2008 i 2013.
  • Des del 2013 forma part de la unitat d'oncologia de l'hospital de la Ribera.


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