Subungual exostosis

It is a slow-growing, benign osteocartilaginous proliferation caused by repetitive micro-traumatisms that bump into the nail plate, causing pain and inflammation. The surgery will be aimed at the total elimination of this prominence and restoration of the skin deformed by the chronic inflammation.

It is essential to develop a good differential diagnosis between dermatological and bone pathologies. From the exostosis stage and the affectations of the periungual folds, the different surgical techniques that are believed to be convenient will be performed.

It is essential to know the differential characteristics between pathologies with similar symptoms in order to reach a correct diagnosis. Through an x-ray we can differentiate an exostosis from an osteochondroma or other similar pathology. Depending on the degree of existing exostosis will be determined the most appropriate treatment.

The clinical manifestations can go unnoticed due to its slow growth. So the lesions remain asymptomatic or are discovered by chance when the radiological study is performed for other reasons. It produces pain at direct pressure or by compression of the nerve endings in the area. It is also capable of lifting the nail, detaching and deforming it, sometimes even perforating the nail bed.

Cirugía de Exostosis Subungueal