Biomechanical Exploration

The biomechanical exploration of walking, consists of the analysis of the foot in static and dynamic position as well as its relationship with other structures such as the knee, hip or spine. By carrying out a correct study of the gait we can prevent the appearance of muscular and osteoarticular injuries such as repetitive sprains, metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, calcaneal spurs, tendonitis, muscular overloads, chondropathies, pelvic tilting, etc. The biomechanical exploration also serves us for the pre and post treatment evaluation of various pathologies.

The biomechanical exploration is the basic tool that we use for the diagnosis of pathologies in the feet and lower limbs, and thanks to it we sometimes find pathologies at higher levels, in the hip and back, that the patient suffered and that he
did not know very well what relation he could have with the feet. In our clinic we have the most avant-garde means to carry out complete biomechanical explorations taking into account the whole body and the different moments of the walk or run. By following a protocol of exploration of joint range, muscle power, exploration with computerized pressure platform of the statics and standing, also of the dynamics and the proprioception of the foot, we can perfectly identify if there is any type of alteration of the loads.