Diagnostic tests are a very important element for the exploration and diagnostic conclusion of the diseases in the feet of our patients. And they allow us to know in detail there that we can only intuit by the clinic or the symptoms. Among the possibilities we have at our disposal is the ultrasound scan. This allows us to carry out studies of the peripheral pairs of joints, tendons and ligaments.

Ultrasound is a diagnostic imaging procedure that allows us to see the structure of the body’s soft tissues. Its basic operation is through sound waves emitted by a transducer that is kept in contact with the patient’s skin. The “echo sound” produced by the waves as they penetrate and bounce off the patient’s tissues (skin, fat, muscle, joint), is processed by the software to generate the image we see on the screen.

Its main advantage is that it is a non-invasive diagnostic test that does not emit any type of radiation. It is a dynamic diagnostic test, which allows real-time interaction with the patient by requesting muscle contractions and/or joint movements that allow us to see the behavior of the tissues.