Infiltrations consist of the introduction of a drug via a syringe into the painful area to be treated. It is usually a steroid mixed with an anaesthetic, for anti-inflammatory purposes. The aim is to reduce pain and accelerate the healing process, avoiding the side effects of drugs given orally or intramuscularly, because the infiltration directly treats the area where its action is required. It is a simple technique, with few complications and is performed in consultation. It is normally used in different processes with inflammation such as neuromas, calcaneal spurs or plantar facitus.

Sometimes the injuries in acute process of inflammation and pain need powerful and local medicines to reduce this first so annoying and painful inflammatory process. In other occasions they are injuries that due to their durability in time are chronic or in a “stand by” situation and need an extra help with organic material such as PRP or Collagen. In our clinic we can offer you a whole range of possibilities, always looking for the one that best suits the needs of the moment.

  • Infiltrations with corticoid.
  • Infiltrations with collagen.
  • Infiltrations with PRP.
  • Hyaluronic acid infiltrations