Calluses - Hyperkeratosis

They are hard or hyperkeratosis, they are thicknesses of the plantar skin that are normally due to the pressure of some deformity or due to a wrong way of walking. Sometimes, the pressure is concentrated in a concrete area of the foot (normally under a metatarsal head) and causes a plantar key or IPK.

The most common symptoms are, hardened skin with no sharp edges, yellow color of the keratin cluster, texture roughened to touch, drying and generally do not cause pain or nuisance. When this lesion grows into deeper layers of skin and has more defined borders it will be called a plantar heloma.

Where it will be necessary the manual delamination and enucleation with the scalpel of these hardnesses providing a welfare to the patient that depends on the severity of the causative agent may last more or less in time or if it has been for some cause (walking, inadequate footwear …) even disappear. On other occasions, the patient will need a biomechanical study to detect the points of hyperpressure or the biomechanical pathology in order to try to correct or compensate for it using plantar supports (insoles). Or even surgery if the problem is due to a foot deformity.